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Growth guy at Clarisights.

I was hired as a Growth Hacker and my responsibilities included :

  • Working closely with the marketing and sales team to optimize and create new ways to find leads
  • Working on key growth metrics, conversions and measurements and being proficient in Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Hubspot, Hotjar and other tools
  • Providing input on marketing and business development strategies based on data analysis and research.
  • Identifying and implementing growth strategies and opportunities for user acquisition for the platform from various sources (website, blog etc)
  • Optimising and redesigning the website and the blog (building on Pillar-Cluster model) to focus and generate more leads
  • Working on Automation, APIs and helping Sales and marketing team to automate the whole process of onboarding
  • Reporting KPIs and statistics to maximise sales and adjust strategy accordingly and improve the optimisation of funnels
  • Exploring, suggesting and testing new marketing channels, techniques, platforms, and networks to generate and maximize the number of new leads
  • Translating findings from data analysis into actionable recommendations, experiments and suggestions
  • Learning the specifics of Account Based Marketing and SEO