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Growth guy at Clarisights.

I've been working as a Chief of Staff since Jan '20 and my responsibilities include putting out fires, growth, partnerships, investor relations, identifying and prioritising what problems/decisions to solve/make, handling important and meaningful tasks that do not naturally fit usual job descriptions and acting as an information conduit between the founders and the rest of the org.

Between July '19 and Dec '19, I worked as Recruiting Lead where I :

  • Helped scale the engineering team from 12 to 24 in size.
  • Iterated and moved to a better hiring process after taking candidates' feedback which decreased the average time to roll out an offer from 24 to 10 days.
  • Constantly hacked new automated sourcing and outreach methods to increase inbound candidates.
  • Partnered with external recruiting agencies to widen the top of the funnel.
  • Served as a filter for the top of the funnel to maximize the hiring team’s time and focus on interviewing the best candidates.
  • Strategically utilized my Twitter and Linkedin network to engage highly passive, sought after candidates.
  • Developed strong brand and relationships with candidates and made judicious decisions on fit for a particular role or team and Clarisights's unique culture.

And between Dec '18 and June '19, I was a Growth Engineer where I :

  • Helped automate recurring tasks for the customer success team which reduced engineering operations.
  • Set up Amplitude to track users' engagement which helped in analyzing and interpreting data to arrive at actionable recommendations.
  • Set up the North Star Metric and product KPIs which developed transparency on company growth.
  • Worked with Delivery Hero's ASO team to understand their use-cases with Appannie and SimilarWeb and eventually developed API integrations to ingest and analyze those data.
  • Set up an outbound lead qualifying database of potential customers using investors' and founders' network.