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Growth guy at Clarisights.

I put together my own page with the tools that I use on a daily basis.


  • I’m using Visual Studio Code. I also love to use Sublime Text if it's not a huge project.


  • I’ve been using iTerm2 from very long.
  • I also use fish as my default shelll.


  • Google Chrome, nothing beats it.


  • Slack for remote/team communication
  • Notion for everything related to docs, notes, organising and maintaining tasks. I used to use Evernote before.
  • Superhuman as my go-to email client. NOTHING BEATS IT!!
  • Tunnelbear for VPN.
  • LastPass keeps all my passwords and important assets protected and easily accessible.
  • Recently shifted to Youtube Music as my go-to music client. I used to use Spotify before.


  • I have a lightweight MacBook Pro (Mid 2016) which is really awesome and full of stickers, lol.