Products, I find cool!

I will keep updating this list –

1. Mem#

Mem is a note-taking application, with a newer approach to note-taking. It has some of the basic linking abilities between notes, but also allows to connect your calendar, create custom templates from your “mems”, create notes in a timeline and lots more.

2. Superhuman#

Superhuman is just a better, more seamless email experience and it’s fast.

3. Zulip#

Zulip is a chat application but the best thing about it is that it combines the immediacy of real-time chat with an email threading model.

4. Causal#

Causal is a faster and more user friendly Excel.

5. Around#

Around is a video conferencing tool made for working with each other rather than meetings. The best part about Around for me is their power collaborative text editor. Love it.

6. Moom#

Moom is my go to window management tool.

7. Clipmenu#

Clipmenu for clipboard management.

8. Omnigiraffle#

Omnigirafle for anything related to image. I have been recently learning Figma too which is pretty cool as well.

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