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Growth guy at Clarisights.

Hi there. My name is Srijan Agarwal and I come from the beautiful country of India. I’m really passionate about technology, product, data, analytics and football.

I am data-driven and have a comprehensive understanding of data, analytics, metrics and statistics. I know the in-out of identifying ways/problems to improve the product. I develop and implement strategies to both acquire new customers and engage existing clients. I tend to provide input on marketing and business development strategies based on data analysis and research, and also analyze the marketplace, including competitors and competitive dynamics.

I am very empathetic towards the user, have great customer relations skills and is focused on delivering a delightful customer experience. I also have developed a genuine interest in helping people, recognising flaws and providing my thoughts through solutions. I've got an eye for detail and never stop exploring innovating and productive ways to help decision makers deliver great results.

I am also a huge supporter and fan of Free and Open Source Software. I have contributed to WikiToLearn, mentored high school students for Google Code-In and spoke at open source conferences about my experiences.

If you would like to get some details on the software and apps I’m using on a day to day basis, I made a little page just for that.

I am also an ardent Football and FC Barcelona fan, and love to travel. Some of this I post to my Instagram account now and then.