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Growth guy at Clarisights.

2016 — An amazing year

The best thing happened to me was FOSS at Amrita, my seniors, and mentors. Working with amazing peeps at WikiToLearn has made this year even better. Met and connected with awesome people, traveled to a foreign land for the first time (thanks to WikiToLearn again), learned new skills and now working on an exciting product with Under 25 club.

In addition, 2016 was a great year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this debuting 2017 can’t be a better one!

2017 — Future as we know it

January 1st is here and it was a long way. After a couple of years watching Mark Zuckerberg setting his goals at the beginning of the year and then showing his accomplishments in December, I decided to start the year with the same idea.

First: Personal Life

My life is good right now. I have a happy family, friends whom I trust and I am happy. For this 2017, I want to gain some weight, so I’ll start by exercising and running daily. This goal is difficult for me, so I’ll try my best. It’s my first step to get in shape so I’ll keep that in mind and then find a new goal.

My main goal is to make at least 5 trips this year.

Second: Work Life

Funny thing, since last year, I have focused my career on working and studying at the same time. This year, I want to continue contributing to WikiToLearn, work with startups and learn interesting and cool stuff like Machine Learning. If some cool app idea or something comes along the way, awesome, but I won’t be desperate about changing this.

Third: Hardware Hacky-Stuff

This will be my year for artificial intelligence. I’ll take a course on AI and Machine Learning, so my main goal, much like Zuckerberg’s 2016 goal, is to build something cool using AI and Machine Learning. I want to build something that doesn’t exist yet (atleast planning to), so this summer will serve as exploration and then, in March, I’ll start coding. I hope to find something cool to do so I can show it in December.

That closes my new year resolutions! Thanks for reading, although I made this mostly for myself, to keep the focus, it’s great someone that reads what I think :) Thank you very much!

and Happy New Year! :D